What is the Eczema Management Programme about?

We are committed to supporting you and have introduced a FREE eczema advice programme, which offers you advice and guidance on how to manage you or your child’s eczema in the form of:

  • telephone advice from a trained dermatology nurse for parents
  • a dedicated website with a wealth of up to date advice on eczema, an advice leaflet, educational videos and testimonials
  • links to the NES* Facebook page to chat with other people affected by eczema
  • an interactive eczema symptom tracker

3 easy steps to help you manage your or your child’s eczema:

Step 1
Apply leave-on emollient all over the body 2-3 times a day.
Step 2
Use gentle downward strokes in the direction of the hair growth when applying emollients
Step 3
Use soap substitutes, when washing, an emollient bath oil , shower preparation and /or emollient wash
What is the Eczema Advice Programme about?